Love Others When They Least Expect It and Least Deserve It

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”. -Romans 6:23

In 1993 Mary Johnson lost her son when the boy got into a fight with another boy named Oshea Isreal and was shot by Isreal. In spite of many unanswered questions Mary went to visit Isreal in prison. She said that after that first contact she felt “something” in her feet that began to move up across her body and left her. She recounts that from that moment all anger and hatred that she had held inside for twelve years left her and was replaced by total forgiveness. The two now live as neighbors in the same duplex and Mary has even referred to Isreal as her “son” in interviews. Isreal is so grateful for the bravery of this woman to take that step of forgiveness and says that that forgiveness is a constant motivation for him to stay on track and make his life count.

That is one of untold numbers of stories of forgiveness. In most cases forgiveness is that which happens when people least expect it or deserve it. However, it doesn’t always have to be an act of forgiveness that offers unexpected or surprising love to someone who least expects it. It might be as simple as a call, email, text or visit to someone with whom you have had no contact for a long time. It might be a surprise check in the mail for someone that you know is in need. It might be the offer of temporary shelter in your home to a family who has recently experienced a natural disaster and has lost theirs. So many different examples will come to your mind just be creative with the above principle in mind.

Just remember that the greatest example of loving others when they least expected it and certainly least deserved it was the offer of Christ of salvation and forgiveness of sin to all mankind. Even while we were yet sinners, even when our backs were completely turned on Him and we could care less; that is when He couldn’t care more and the Cross is the proof.  Love that is least expected and least deserved is really described by the word GRACE.

Blessings, Pastor Joe MacDonald