It’s Not Over ‘Til I Win

“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” -Romans 8:37

Several years ago I heard a story told by a motivational speaker known as Les Brown. He recounted a time when he was playing a table game with his seven year old son. Les said that even though he tried to let his son win, the boy was so inept at the game that he kept losing over and over again. Feeling bad for his son but not wanting him to feel that he was only a loser, Less sensitively said, “Why don’t we stop for now and pick the game up again later?” His son’s reply was amazing and became the title of a speech and later a book that Les wrote. The boy simply said, “No, Dad, it is not over ‘til I win.” What an amazing statement. On first blush, we might say that the kid was so spoiled that life couldn’t go on until he got his own way. A deeper reading of the statement has amazing application to our lives as God’s children. Before we knew Christ through faith we were all like Les’ boy; all we could do was lose. We were losers, not just because we were inept at the game of life, but because of the curse, it was impossible for us or anyone to even approach winning.

However, the work of Christ and our choice to receive Him by faith changed everything. We don’t have to wait ‘til it is all over (meaning Christ’s second coming). We are winners now because He won then (at the Cross). Oh, there are times when we don’t feel much like winners and we only feel defeated. Don’t let that lie from the Enemy control your life. If you know Christ by faith you are not only a winner but a conqueror, as Paul says in Romans. It also changes the statement from “it’s not over ‘til I win” to “because Jesus won, it’s all over”

Blessings, Pastor Joe  MacDonald