Don’t let them do it, Ed

A young boy was coming home from fishing in his favorite fishing brook when he stumbled and fell into some briars, skinning his knee and leg. Though it was painful he didn’t give it much thought and went on doing what any young boy would do on a summer day. That night he went to bed, and when he awoke in the morning the pain in his leg had increased and it had begun to swell. Still not taking it too seriously he went about his day playing with his friends and enjoying his summer. The next day, however, things were much worse; the pain now unbearable and the swelling now serious. His parents took him to the doctor, and after examining the leg the doctor told the boy and his parents that the infection was so advanced that he might have to amputate the leg. “What does that mean?” the boy asked. “It means that we might have to remove your leg, son,” said the doctor. The boy replied with tears in his eyes, “No, no, you will not cut off my leg.” While the parents continued talking with the doctor the boy called his brother into the examining room and said, “Don’t let them do it Ed, don’t let them. If they put me to sleep don’t let them take my leg off.”

As the parents continued to talk with the doctor they noticed their son Ed standing at the door of the examining room with his legs spread apart, his arms crossed, and a determined look on his face that said, without words, ‘you will not cut my brother’s leg off’. The doctor told the parents that he had done all that he could do and to take the boy home, but that if he were not better in the morning then the leg would have to be removed to save his life. Being a strong Christian family, they went home and Ed urged his parents to pray and to call the church to have them pray. They did, and somewhere in the middle of the night the boy’s fever broke, and in the morning the swelling began to go down. Over the next few days the leg healed normally and everyone thanked God for His healing. Many years later, when Dwight David Eisenhower was elected President of the United States in 1952, a reporter stated to his mother, “You must be very proud of your son.” To which she replied, thinking also of her other son, Ed, “Which one?”

God is a bit like brother Ed, isn’t He? When the world says we are going to remove your joy, or peace, or faith the Holy Spirit spreads His legs, crosses His arms, and says, “Not on my watch.”

Blessings, Pastor Joe MacDonald