Mission Report for January 2020

Your Mission Committee of 2019 thanks you for your continued support and prays that we all can continue helping to serve others both near and far. You have donated generously to the four (PC)USA special offerings, to the collection of shoes and socks for KFCE, to gifts for a family in need, with non-perishable foods for the Center of Hope and Revival food pantries, plus shoebox items for our seamen and children in Guatemala, and of course those organizations we support with funds ranging from the local Habitat for Humanity, GODTEL, SAAFE House, KFCE, Imagination Library, Keep a Kid in School, Hechos Dos, the Pan American School, and the PCHS program, as well as many others. See the updated listing on the Mission bulletin board in the narthex.

Mission will meet on Monday, Jan. 6th, at 11 a.m., in the office area of the Activity Building. Anyone may attend as this will be our kick-off meeting for the year. We will review our calendar and determine which projects we might want to participate in this year; we are also open to new members.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have helped us in the past and God willing, can continue to do so in the future. My special thanks to committee members: Beverly Davidson, Bonnie Laverty, Doug and Karen Palmer, Ron Tolls, and Susie Nobles, plus Pastor Joe whose support and input we value. I am blessed to have such a strong group to work with.

Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for December 2019

We thank you for your donations of $281 for the Peacemaking Special Offering; from this $70 was sent to help My Father’s House serve those in need. It is located near-by at the Life Vine Church and gives daytime assistance. Our next Special Offering is set for Dec. 22nd, which is the Joy Offering benefiting retired UPUSA ministers/workers.

Did you know that we are one of the few churches supporting the Revival Food Pantry in Onalaska? In October they served 186 families with a total of 559 individuals. On Oct. 31st several Mission folks joined Pastor Joe at the Assembly of God’s festival: he distributed at least 150 balloon creatures assisted by Kerry Wheeler, Nina Dobyns, Donna Swanson, Doug Palmer, Bonnie Laverty, and myself.

Our November shoebox event resulted in 28 wrapped boxes going to the seamen at the Port of Houston. With respect to children, after talking with the Beckers, we will be sending most of our collected items to Guatemala in time for them to sort and bag prior to Christmas. Thanks to all who donated to both programs.

We are looking to participate again in the Empty Stocking program, but no specific details at this time.

Our next meeting is set for December 2nd, with special guests Keith and Maria Becker.

Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for November 2019

Your Mission team met on Oct. 7th, and approved its budget request for Session approval for 2020. It is the same total ($26,200), but there were a few changes in amounts and organizations to support. It will be posted in the Narthex once it is approved by Session. The next Special Offering, the Joy Offering, is set for Dec. 22nd. 

We are now in the midst of collecting items for shoeboxes; see page 4 for a listing of examples of what we need for the filling of boxes for children in Guatemala. See page 5 for examples of what we need for boxes for the seamen at the Port of Houston and for more information about the Seafarers. The boxes will be filled on Nov. 10th, after the Fellowship Luncheon. A collection container is in the Narthex. We do need a few more empty shoeboxes.

We hope to participate again in the Empty Stocking program, but no details at this time.

Our next meeting is set for Monday, Nov. 4th, at 11 a.m.

Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for October 2019

Your Mission team met on Sep. 16th and began work on our budget request for next year. We will complete this at our next meeting set for Oct. 7th, so if anyone has input, please let Chuck, Bonnie, Doug, Karen, Beverly, Susie, or Ron know. We do have a special PCUSA offering on Oct. 6th, and the 25 percent which remains local will be sent to help get “My Father’s House” off the ground. In October, we begin to collect items for our shoeboxes; we will need a few more shoeboxes, which will go to both the Port of Houston (for seamen; see page 6) and to Guatemala (for children). More details will be sent out to you via email.
Did you know that you helped Kids Free Clothing Exchange by donating 87 pairs of shoes to them in August? Besides socks and underwear, you also gave them $193. Outstanding! FYI, we do continue to collect shoes year-round. Also, our newest recipient of funds, the Reeves Revival Food Pantry in Onalaska, is very busy. They served 304 individuals in May, 474 in June, 489 in July, and 529 in August. They provide for and serve all whom request assistance.
Our denomination is asking us to consider becoming a “Matthew 25” church and we are studying this. Please go to www.pcusa.org/matthew25 to see what this is about and then inform one of us of your thoughts.
Later this year I expect we will participate again in the Empty Stocking Program, so be prepared. My thanks to all who have assisted & supported our work this year.
Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for September 2019

Your Mission group, plus many of you, have been very busy this summer. Your donations of shoes, band-aids, funds, etc., has allowed KFCE to have a good supply on hand to give out to needy children, the Beckers will have several boxes of items to take back to Guatemala, and your contributions of $626 for the Pentecost Special Offering gives us $250 to spend later this fall on shoebox items to be sent to children in Guatemala. Thank You! We also helped five young people to attend Camp Cho Yeh’s overnight experience, and six to attend the day camp week. Funds for this were part of our 2019 budget, and on Sept. 16th, we meet to begin the process of determining who and what we will support next year. If you have input, let me or any of the Mission Committee  members know your thoughts (Doug Palmer, Bonnie Laverty, Ron Tolls, Beverly Davidson, Susie Nobles, and myself), or come to this meeting at 11 a.m., in the choir area of the Activity Building. In October we will begin collecting items for the shoeboxes, and I suspect we will also participate in Polk County’s Empty Stocking program again; so, be prepared. Our next PCUSA Special Offering is set for October 6th: Peace and Global Witness. Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for July 2019

Our goal is to have some of the below items available for the next shipping container to Guatemala; the last one arrived mid-May. There is a drop off container in The Narthex, or in Room 1 of the Fellowship Hall, ready for your donations. School Supplies for Teachers and Students: paper, pencils, art or colored pencils, blunt scissors, spiral notebooks, index cards, crayons, glue sticks, rulers, plastic folders, tissues, assorted construction paper Adults: sewing machine needles, bobbins, spools of thread, cutting scissors, straight pins, large safety pins, tape measures, plastic bins, ribbons, sewing needles and threads Ministry: Spanish Bibles, powdered milk, powdered baby formula, plastic baby bottles, small dolls, Matchbox cars, pens & pencils Clothing: children’s underwear, dresses (for children all sizes), blue jeans (all sizes), blankets, shoes all sizes (no high heels)

Mission Report for June 2019

Thank you for your past support of our PC(USA) special offerings; the next one is set for June 9th, which is the Pentecost offering, with 40% of your donations remaining local. The Mission group will meet on June 3rd to determine where funds might go, and anyone may give us input (or attend our 11 a.m. meeting). At this time we have helped fund 4 Cho-Yeh campers and have two in the pipeline with a possibility of two more later on. A big thank you to the anonymous donor last year who helped us support youth attending this great Christian camp. Tis time to begin collecting tennis shoes and socks, etc., for our August 11th Kids Free Clothing Exchange luncheon, when hopefully we will have 75-100 pairs of shoes to donate so that many will have new footgear for school. We continue to collect craft items for the Head-Start program and school supplies for Guatemala, along with eyeglasses and non-perishable food. Our May “We Serve” project was good and I hope we can help someone else next year; a special thanks to Robert Green, Doug & Karen Palmer, Beverly Davidson, and Pastor Joe MacDonald for their involvement. Our prayers go out to two of our committee members, Bonnie Laverty and Georgina Drumm; may God and good doctors grant them relief. A big thanks to our other members: Ron Tolls, Beverly Davidson, Susie Nobles, Doug & Karen Palmer, and Pastor Joe. Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for May 2019

Your Mission group meets on Monday, May 6th, at 11 a.m., in the office area. Anyone is welcome to participate as we review correspondence received in the previous month and make plans for upcoming events. The March fundraiser for the Beckers netted over $2800; THANK YOU to all who helped with the food, the decorations, the music, and of course the donations. We continue to collect items for them to use in Guatemala, which are stored in Room 1 of the Fellowship Hall. Our major service project this month as part of the “We Serve” Polk County event is interior painting on May 11th. Robert Green and the Mission Committee are open to anyone wanting to paint, just contact Chuck Davidson or Doug Palmer for details. We have had two campers register for Camp Cho-Yeh as of this writing and have funds to assist several more so, if you have a child or grandchild who might be interested, please register first at the Cho-Yeh website, and then let me know. Day camp is for students in grades 1-6 and the overnight week sessions are open to students in grades 1—11. Visit www.cho-yeh.org. We ask that during your summer trips you collect items which could be used in our shoeboxes for both youth and seamen; and we do continue to collect non-perishable foods for the Center of Hope as well as eyeglasses and craft items. Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for April 2019

Your Mission team meets at 11 a.m. on April 1st (yes, April Fools’ day), and all are welcome to attend; we meet in the choir room area. We thank you for your support for our Hechos Dos event on March 23rd.
Easter arrives on April 21st, when we will have our annual “One Great Hour of Sharing” special collection. This started in 1949, with proceeds going to help relief from natural disasters, provide food for those in need, and support around the world for the poor and oppressed.  To learn more, visit www.pcusa.org/oghs.
First Presbyterian will participate in Polk County’s “We Serve” event again in May, and our work day is set for May 11th. We will mostly be painting; thus if you have this skill, let me know.
For those with young children or grandchildren, it is time to register for Camp Cho-Yeh.  Weekly camp sessions for those In grades 1-5, 6-8, and 9-11 are now available as is the day camp for grades 1-6.  Your Mission team is available to assist with the cost; but you must first register your child, then let me know.
We continue to collect non-perishable food for the Center of Hope and the Revival Food Pantry in Onalaska, along with eye glasses for Lions International and craft items for the Indian reservation. Check out our bulletin board for the latest correspondence from those we assist.
Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair

Mission Report for March 2019

Your Mission committee will hold a special fundraiser for Maria and Keith Becker’s work in Guatemala on Saturday, March 23rd, in the Fellowship Hall, beginning with a dinner at 6 p.m. Why? To help raise funds to cover their costs of a shipping container to Guatemala. The Beckers will present a short program explaining their needs, which will be followed by a country music concert led by the Ketterlings, Mark Nye, and others. Mark your calendar! More details will be given later this month; this is open to church and non-church members. If unable to attend, donations will be accepted: please make checks payable to “First Presbyterian Church” with “Hechos Dos” on the memo line. Click here to view a flyer for the event.
Chuck Davidson, Mission Chair