“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the father will send in my name, He will teach you all things and bring to remembrance all that I have said to you” -John 14:26

I have never been one who has had God “speak” to me in a voice that I could hear. There are some who say that they have heard God speak to them clearly in that way and I certainly would not be one to critique such an experience, because God is not contained in my or any other person’s limited theological box.

However, I have had God communicate through internal promptings, sometimes described as inner urgings, burdens or impressions. Have you ever had a time when someone was strongly on your mind and you couldn’t get them off your mind; or you developed a strong inclination to do something special for someone or become involved in some activity or ministry? I call those moments in our lives as promptings of the Holy Spirit and may I suggest that you do not ignore them. God is trying to use you to minister to someone or some ministry in the church or some mission in the community. In fact, this morning I was prompted to send a text to my son because I knew he was facing a major decision in his life this weekend. It may be something as simple as just making a phone call, sending a text or note or spending some significant time in prayer. Promptings can come to you any time of the day or night, and for me they often come in the middle of the night in dreams, or I am just awakened with a strong and specific urging to act or pray about a special person or circumstance.

I have had people come to me at times, either complaining about some ministry we do not have in the church or something that should be done for someone. My response is, “How can I support you in making that happen?” Sometimes those people turn on their heels and leave because they only wanted to complain but not be a part of the solution. However, if it is a real prompting then they will step out and act on that way that God is “speaking” to them. Have you or are you experiencing a prompting of God in any area of your life? Don’t ignore it. Step into it and watch God do something special.

Blessings, Pastor Joe