Image is Everything

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God, He created them; male and female he created them” -Genesis 1:27
It is almost frightening how important “image” has become in our culture. Though it is not stated overtly, it is obvious that the news media make sure their announcers and anchor people fit a certain image (notwithstanding the potential risk of being accused of discrimination because certain qualified people may not fit that image). Furthermore, millions, even billions of dollars are spent on cosmetic creams or surgical procedures on Hollywood stars and starlets to maintain a certain image that will “sell” on screen. Those in the modeling industry are so pressured to fit a certain image that many suffer from bulimia, anorexia, or dietary extremes just to fit a certain socially acceptable look. Unfortunately teenagers and even younger children buy into this obsession with image, sometimes to the extent that if they are not able to fit it they even attempt or commit suicide. It is a tragedy when anyone’s value is dictated by a culturally driven image demand. Thank God, those who know Christ never have to be a slave to those cultural demands. As God’s child you already have and carry a perfect image. It is not that any human being is perfect. No, we are all sinners by birth; but God says we are made in and carry His image. Even those who do not know Christ carry the image of God by the act of creation. Your value and mine are not dictated by how culture or others see us but by the value our Creator puts upon us. How valuable is that? So valuable that God Himself took on flesh and died on a cross, that our relationship with Him could be restored and His image in us could be renewed. You never have to live in the slavery of the dictates of culture or the pressure of peers. God has made us unique and more valuable to Him than anything else in the universe. It is my prayer that the only One you want to look like is Him shining through your uniqueness.
Blessings, Pastor Joe MacDonald